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Location: Thimphu

The museum is a heritage preservation project. The museum is a restored one and a half century old traditional Bhutanese house from the medieval era. The centrally located museum structure offers tourists a great juxtaposition of the old standing proud amongst the modern structures sprouting around it. With extensive research and collection of ancient tools and artifacts, the interior of the house maintains an 18th century setting. A walk around the house can give tourists an understanding to the traditional Bhutanese way of life.

The three story house was built with mud rammed walls and timbers. The noticeable feature of the house is its wooden shingle roof grounded with sporadic placement of stone over the shingles. The house has an enclosed open courtyard. The enclosed space protected the livestock from the wild predators. Traditionally the basement was used as animal shed and the middle floor was used as storage facility. In the facility, tourists will find antique farming tools and storage equipment. The top floor was reserved for the family.