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Bhutan visa International visitors.

All visitors (Including US citizens) have to obtain e-visa for Bhutan prior to your travel to Bhutan and visa fee / cost is US $ 40 per person per trip. However, it does not apply to the citizens of India.

You will get your visa at the immigration desk of Paro airport for those who travel by air. For those traveling by road from Phunstholing, the immigration office at the border town will stamp visa in your passport. You can enter Bhutan from Phunstholing. Entry from Gelephu or Samdrup Jongkhar is temporarily suspended.

The e-visa is approved and issued ONLY by the Department of Immigration based in Thimphu Bhutan. Your representative in Bhutan will submit visa application on your behalf to the department of immigration in Thimphu. Once it is approved, the department of immigration issues e-Bhutan visa which will be e-mailed to you prior to your travel to Bhutan. You have to produce it at the check in counter of Drukair / Bhutan Airlines when you board your flight to Bhutan.

How to apply Bhutan visa for international visitors?

You have to wire transfer full payment to the account of your tour operator in Bhutan and share a copy of the wire transfer receipt.

Documents & details required: 

1. You have to send the scanned copy of your passport.

2. Travel insurance.

3. Passport size photo / head shot / half photo.

4. Residential address.

5. Occupation.

6. Telephone no.

Your Bhutan travel agency / tour operator will process the visa on your behalf which normally takes 2-3 working days. The local tour operator will send you the e-visa when it is approved. You are now eligible to visit Bhutan.

Please note that the MRZ number (Marked in red) should be clearly visible. Photo page of a passport (Sample). 

The actual visa is stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan at the Paro International airport.

The duration of visa depends on the length of the Bhutan trip booked with your tour operator. However, you can use your visa within 3 months from the date of travel to Bhutan.

Bhutan visa cost / fee for international visitors is $ 40 per person per trip.

Passport validity for travel to Bhutan:

The validity requirement of your passport is minimum 6 months before the start of your Bhutan tour.